Spinovo: revive your spine

Spinovo is the Final Year major project for UNSW Industrial Design graduate, Justine Smith.

Awarded Finalist for Australian Design Awards: James Dyson Award 2010

A flexible film bend sensor and muscle tension sensors have been integrated into the garment to measure both the movement and position of the spine and the activity of the back muscles respectively. Visual and aural feedback is provided to the user through backlit LEDs and a miniature speaker within the remote control.

An exploded view of the remote control, containing buttons, circuitry, a miniature speaker, RGB LEDs and a polymer lithium ion battery.

Blue foam sketch models illustrating the remote's form development.

Illustrator sketches illustrating the form and function development of the garment and it's packs.


Spinovo, meaning ‘new spine’, is a garment that has been designed to help relieve pain for chronic back pain sufferers.


Finalist in James Dyson Award 2010